Currently working as Auxiliar Researcher at Centro Algoritmi in the University of Minho. Invited Assistant Professor, teaching Knowledge Discovery, noSQL Databases, Database Administration and Electronic Health Records. Previously worked as Information Systems Director at Centro Hospitalar de Entre o Douro e Vouga E.P.E., also performed as Project Manager and IT Specialist at Centro Hospitalar do Tâmega e Sousa E.P.E. during the early days! Long-held interests in Machine Learning, Data Mining, eHealth, Medical Information Systems, interoperability and integration in healthcare domain.


Interoperability | Electronic Health Records | Multi-agent Systems | Knowledge Representation | Business Intelligence | Knowledge Extraction | Decision Support Systems | CRISP-DM | Data Mining

mySQL | Oracle | MongoDB | neo4j

PHP | python | Javascript | .Net | Visual Basic | R

RapidMiner | Mirthconnect | Docker | Bootstrap | git | Joomla | WordPress

Lastest publications


  1. Rui Miranda, Carlos Alves, Regina Sousa, António Chaves, Larissa Montenegro, Hugo Peixoto, Ricardo Machadom António Abelha, Paulo Novais, José Machado (2023). Revolutionising the Quality of Life: The Role of Real-Time Sensing in Smart Cities. Electronics, 13, MDPI.

  2. Fábio Gonçalves, Gonçalo O. Silva, Alexandre Santos, Ana Maria A. C. Rocha, Hugo Peixoto, Dalila Durães, José Machado (2023). Urban Traffic Simulation Using Mobility Patterns Synthesized from Real Sensors. Electronics, 12, MDPI.

  3. Claúdia Brito, Marisa Esteves, Hugo Peixoto, António Abelha and José Machado (2022). A Data Mining Approach to Classify Serum Creatinine Values in Patients Undergoing Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis. Wireless Networks, jornal n. 11276, Springer US.

Book chapters

  1. Diogo Peixoto, Mariana Faria, Rui Macedo, Hugo Peixoto, João Lopes, Agostinho Barbosa, Tiago Guimarães and Manuel Santos (2022). Determining Internal Medicine Length of Stay by means of Predictive Analytics. 13566, .

  2. Carolina Marques, Vasco Ramos, Hugo Peixoto and José Machado (2022). Pervasive Monitoring System for Services and Servers in Healthcare Environment. Procedia Computer Science vol. 201C, .

  3. Ana Duarte, Hugo Peixoto and José Machado (2022). A Comparative Study of Data Mining Techniques applied to Renal-Cell Carcinomas. 432, Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering .

Conf. Papers

  1. Miguel Dias, Regina Sousa, Júlio Duarte, Hugo Peixoto, António Abelha and José Machado (2023). Enhancing Data Science Interoperability: An Innovative System for Managing OpenEHR Structures.

  2. Vasco Ramos, Carolina Marques, Hugo Peixoto and José Machado (2023). Information Technology Monitoring in Healthcare: A Case Study.

  3. António Chaves, Regina Sousa, António Abelha and Hugo Peixoto (2023). Steps Towards Intelligent Diabetic Foot Ulcer Follow-Up Based on Deep Learning.

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